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mailbox house treeImagine moving and failing to let the right people know your new address!

In that case, yours could be among the many thousands of pieces of lost mail that the US Postal Service processes every year and could complicate your life in many ways. Keep in mind that if legal notices, bills, and other important correspondence fail to arrive at your new destination, you’re likely to be still responsible for the outcome.

To prevent a problem receiving your mail at your new address, you’ll want to create a list of those who need to be notified. Begin this list as soon as you know you’ll be moving so that you’re sure to include everyone who needs to know.

US Postal Service

If you’re considering a move, you should first change your address with the US Postal Service. Handle it quickly by using the online change of address service or get a Mover’s Guide packet from your local post office. The following information should help you to receive your mail at your new address without delay.Once you have done this, the postal service will forward your mail to your new address for up to 12 months – allowing you ample time to make the changes directly with those who need to know.

Driver’s License Change

Perhaps the most important – and legally required – notification that you must handle if your move takes you to another state involves your driver’s license. Most states require that you change your license to your new location within a short timeframe – usually 30 days.

Social Security Administration

If you are enrolled in Medicare and/or receive any type of benefits from Social Security be sure to update your address with the Social Security Administration. This is also the case if you’re enrolled in Medicare.

Department of Veterans Affairs

You can either call the VA at 1-877-222-VETS (8387) where a representative can help validate and/or update your address; or visit the VA website to change your address online.

State and Federal Tax Agencies

You can use the IRS website to change your address, and refer to your state’s website for information about how to update with them. By doing this, you won’t miss any relevant correspondence that could cause you inconvenience or even interest or penalty charges.

Insurance Companies/Agencies

Don’t forget to inform any insurance companies you deal with -- including auto, renters, homeowners, life and health insurance. In fact, since you are moving, you will want to contact your insurance agent to see whether your move might necessitate policy changes, especially for home, renters and automobile insurance.

Banks / Credit Cards

Typically, banks allow you to change your address right on their website so that you can avoid visiting the bank itself. You can usually also update your address and other contact information for your credit cards from their website.

Online Subscriptions & Shopping Accounts

You’ll need to change your address for any existing subscriptions such as paid website memberships, as well as print magazines or newspapers that will be delivered to you by postal mail.

Don’t forget to update both your billing and shipping address for online shopping sites such Amazon so that your orders are properly delivered to your new address from the beginning.

Moving Tip

Once you know when you will be moving, you’ll want to schedule your move with a reputable moving company local to you as soon as possible to get the date that you need. You’ll want to be sure that the company that you choose provides full service and can provide storage in the event that your belongings must be stored after pickup and before transport to your new home.

Warners Moving & Storage in Red Lion (York County) PA, offers full-service moving  – from packing and pick-up to transport across town or across the nation. We can advise you on your many options and help you with any questions you might have. Why not Contact Us to speak to a representative today or Request a Quote for your move on our website? We look forward to helping to make your move easy.

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