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Frequently Asked Questions

How long will my move take?

Local moving has a "rule of thumb." If you are moving only large pieces of furniture, not boxes, lamps and a lot of small items it takes 3 movers about an hour to load and deliver each room. You must of course add in the driving time and consider the type of stairs, etc. Third floor apartments take longer than first floor moves. Long distance moving is a little more complex when it comes to setting delivery dates. Your load may not completely fill a large moving van, so several family's may be moved on the same truck. The time to load and unload the shipments must be considered when setting up your delivery schedule. Your moving consultant will work with you on this important part of your move.

How will you move my personal computer?

You will be glad to know that we use the same special  trucks to move your household goods that we use to move delicate electronic equipment and main frame computers. The best thing to do is to un-cable everything yourself and mark the connections so you can re-cable at your new location. If you have the factory boxes go ahead and pack your equipment and we will move it. If you do not have the factory boxes our packers can protect and pack the most fragile hardware.

What items can't be moved in a moving van?

Generally anything that is flammable or would harm your items or anything else that is on the van should not be moved. This would include items like spray cans, lighter fluid, flammable paints, gasoline and propane tanks that are not empty

What must be done to my major appliances like my washer and dryer?

Your moving consultant can advise you about the preparation of your appliances for moving. Our crews are trained to handle simple items like washers and dyers, but ice makers and gas dryers and stoves require professional service.

I have a lot of house plants, what should I do about moving them?

Plants are another unusual item that movers and their customers must deal with on many moves. Depending upon the time of year and your destination, plants can be boxed up and shipped with your household goods. Movers are not responsible for the condition of plants moved in the van. Please note it is illegal to move plants into some states.

Moving Insurance

Movers' liability is regulated and limited by law. Pennsylvania PUC liability is 30 cents per pound, per article. Moving across a state line is controlled by the ICC, and this liability is 60 cents per pound, per article. These amounts may not cover the value of the items that you are moving. Sould you need more moving insurance, extra valuation is available. Your moving consultant, here in York county, PA, at Warners Moving & Storage, will help you with this important part of your move planning.

How can I pay for my move?

Moving is a regulated business. Many rules are involved in how you can pay for your move. A surprise to most people is that we cannot accept personal checks in payment for moving services. Discuss the payment options carefully with your moving consultant.

Do you use full time, professional movers?

Our moving personnel here at Warners Moving & Storage, are well trained. We have classes for packing, loading, and driving each month at our facility here in York County, PA. Many of our drivers have been to school at major van line training departments. Drivers must pass a strict DOT *Department of Transportation) driving test and can be tested for drug use at any time.

How much will it cost me to have a professional mover?

The cost of a move depends on may factors. Local moving (less than 40 miles) is rated by the hour, depending upon the number of moving personnel and the actual time it takes to do your move. Weekends are more expensive than weekdays. Long distance moving (over 40 miles) is usually rated by the weight of your household goods times a cost per 100 pounds. This cost varies with the distance you are moving.

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