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Moving to Your New Home -- Start Your Moving Plan EarlyIf you're actively house shopping, then it won't be long before you'll have the keys to your new home in hand and Moving Day will be upon you. Whether you will be moving out of state or within your local area, the time you’ll need for a move is much the same. While it might seem that you have a lot of time before moving day, if you put off tasks such as packing for too long, your moving experience will be a very stressful one in the end. The key to a stress-free move is to have a Moving Plan, organize all of your household items and belongings in advance and begin to pack weeks before moving day. Just be sure set aside clothing and any everyday items you’ll need right up to the day that you move so that you don't have to search through freshly packed boxes for items like the coffee pot, your everyday robe and slippers and the dog's water bowl. The items you use day to day should be packed just before Moving Day.

Be sure to have a system for packing.  As you pack your moving boxes, be sure to place all related items together so that they can go into the same room at your destination. Then label your boxes to show the contents and what room they should be moved to (Example: Books – Den). Organizing your belongings as you pack and labeling properly will save you from having to move items from room to room once everything has arrived at your new home.

Here at Warners Moving & Storage in York county, PA, we know what it takes to move smartly. We have been moving families and households like yours since 1943.  So whether your new home is across the country, down the street or somewhere in between, why not contact our experienced staff well before moving day to find out how we can help.

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