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Product shipment across town or across the globe...


If you are looking for a trucking company for the shipment of your new products by the truckload, look to Warners Motor Express to meet your needs. Warners Motor Express is an affiliate of Warners Moving & Storage, York County, PA.

Whether you are a manufacturer shipping to your distributors or a distributor arranging your own shipments, our capable personnel can handle your truckload business locally, nationally and even internationally.

Our satisfied customers are as varied as the products they ship. We’ve transported wooden store fixtures, institutional furniture and school fixtures within the mid-Atlantic region. We routinely haul airport weather stations from a Baltimore manufacturer to large and small airports nationwide, and we deliver medical equipment to Saskatchewan. And that’s just for starters! If you were to ask these customers or any of the various others that rely on our New Products Service, they’ll tell you that our smooth-riding transportation results in virtually no damage, and they are confident that they have the most reliable service available.

In addition, we offer the same New Product services internationally as we do domestically. By integrating our transportation services with air freight and ocean shipping services to various gateway cities worldwide, you benefit from comprehensive freight forwarding. Thus, if you manufacture in the U.S., we can transport your products to foreign ports and distribute them as you require.

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