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Checklist of Moving Tips to follow Before Your Move from Warners Moving in York county, PA

So you'll be moving to a new home! There is much to do even before you've scheduled your movers.  Now use the following checklist to be sure you remember all the details to handle leading up to moving day.  We, here in York county, PA, at Warners Moving & Storage, hope that these lists help you to be prepared so that your relocation is a pleasant experience.


6 Months Before Your Move

Shop for a new home. 

If you plan to rent an apartment, visit and tour the building/development and speak to the landlord or their representative about any requirements and regulations.

Consult with your local home decorator to plan how you will furnish your new home.

If you will be moving a long distance, plan to travel to your new area to visit potential new homes.

If you are moving out of the country, begin to accumulate information on the country to which you will move and arrange to learn the language if necessary.

If you have small children, include them in the relocation process.
4 Weeks Before Your Move

Confirm the date of your move with your moving company and arrange for services such as packing, unpacking, etc.

Start a folder or binder on your move and use it to collect all receipts, invoices, documents, lists, etc. that pertain to the entire moving process.

File a Change of Address form with your local post office for each person whose address will be changing.

Notify creditors, friends, relatives and subscription vendors of your upcoming address change.


Arrange to transfer auto registrations, drivers’ licenses, credit cards, etc.


Ask your current doctor/dentist to refer you to colleagues in your destination area. Get copies of any renewable prescriptions. Request medical and dental records of all family members who will be moving to the new location.

Notify your children’s school(s) and your family’s church and other organizations of your move.


Make a room-by-room check and determine what should be discarded, sold or donated before your move.

Create a home Inventory, noting each item along with the date it was purchased and the current value.

Have a garage sale and/or donate items to charity to lighten your moving load.

Return all borrowed items to friends, neighbors and local library or video store.

Notify your current gas, electric, water, telephone, cable TV and any other utilities to close your account the day following your moving day.


Contact the various utilities in your destination area to establish new accounts and arrange for connection.
3 Weeks Before Your Move

Sketch out a floor plan of your new home and begin to determine furniture placement.

Make a list of those local people, establishments and organizations that you will need or want to contact after your move. (You will want to take your current local phone directories along when you move.)

If you are moving out of the country, contact the embassy or consulate of the country to which you are moving in order to make any necessary arrangements.

Arrange to move your plants, pets and any other items that cannot be transported in the moving van.

Visit your bank and transfer the contents of your safety deposit box(es).


Transfer or arrange for new insurance coverage (fire, theft, personal property, homeowners, etc.) for your new home.

Check your home-owners’ policy to see if moving is covered.

Send for cleaning any rugs and/or draperies that you will take along to your new home, and arrange for shampoo of upholstery and carpets.

Make arrangements for the appropriate servicing and disconnection of your appliances to handle whatever is necessary prior to your move (some appliances require preparation before being moved).
2 Weeks Before Your Move

If you are shipping an automobile, have it serviced and/or repaired as necessary (gasoline tank should be no more than half-full on shipping).

Plan your trip to your new destination and make the appropriate travel reservations and accommodations.

Make arrangements for the appropriate servicing and connection of your appliances after they have been moved to your destination.

Make arrangements for removal of your television antenna and/or satellite dish if you plan to take them along.

Arrange for gas, electric, water, telephone, cable TV and/or any other utilities in your new home to be turned on the day before your Delivery Day.

Discontinue regular home services like newspaper delivery, trash pick-up, lawn service, etc.

Take pets to the vet for check-up, immunizations, etc.; also ask for referral to a veterinarian in your new location as well as a copy of your pet’s records.
1 Week Before Your Move

Dispose of explosives (fireworks, ammunition, etc.), flammable materials (gasoline, matches, cleaning fluids, etc.), corrosive/bleaching agents, and pressurized/aerosol cans.


Use or give away frozen and perishable foods, and donate to your local food pantry or service organization any nonperishable foods and personal care items that will not be moved with you.

Gather all spare house keys from neighbors, family, friends, the cars, etc. and put them aside for the next occupant of your home.

Pack a suitcase containing the items that you plan to take along when you travel to your new home.

If you are moving with children, pack a bag for them including games, snacks, etc. to take along with you.

Pack a box with those items that you plan to need immediately upon arrival at your new home (to be packed on the moving van last or taken along with you).

Pack high-value items like cash, coin collections, valuable jewelry, stocks, bonds, etc. to

Transfer your bank accounts (checking, savings, etc.) to the bank you’ll use at your new home.

If you share parking lot or curb space with neighbors, arrange for parking space for the van for moving out and/or moving into the new location.

If you are moving from an apartment building, arrange with the apartment manager to reserve elevators for the packing and moving.

2-3 Days Before Your Move

Defrost, clean and dry your freezer(s) and refrigerator(s).

Prepare power equipment, lawnmower(s), etc. for moving by draining fuel, etc.).

Pick up any last minute laundry or dry cleaning.

Remove any items from "secret hiding places" in your home or on your property.

Arrange for children and pets to be with a sitter on packing day (the day – or two, depending on volume - before the move), moving day and perhaps on delivery day.

1 Day Before Your Move

Be available for your packing crew.


Move bulky items from the back yard and/or basement to save on moving time.

Set aside and clearly label any items that will not be loaded onto the van.

Tie back gates and screen doors and/or remove doors (if necessary).

Give your address and telephone number as well as travel itinerary to a neighbor/friend who can contact you if necessary.

Plan to eat out on the first day of packing, if packing will take more than one day to complete.
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