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selling-your-homeIf you are planning to relocate to a new home, finding the right moving company should definitely be on your list of important things to do. If you must sell your current home before moving, then you might think that it is premature to decide on a mover even before you begin the home sale. However, you could be overlooking an important tool in your selling process if you choose the wrong moving company.

As you prepare your home for sale, along with making the necessary repairs and sprucing up your property, your realtor will tell you that you should “declutter”. They advise to move all extraneous furnishings and belongings completely off the property. Staging your home makes it look like a model home so that buyers see the potential while making the rooms seem more spacious.

With all the other demands of the move, how do you do that?

You could – and perhaps should – have a Moving Sale to get rid of items that won’t fit with the size or style of your new home. This could include furniture, appliances, toys, personal items, tools, gym equipment, sports gear, etc. Better to eliminate unwanted items instead of having to deal with them at your new home.

But what about all the items you need to remove but want to keep? This is where a full-service moving company can help. If you choose a reliable moving company that also offers storage, you can pack and store all your extraneous household items as you prepare your home for sale. Then on moving day, those previously-stored items will already be on the truck when it arrives at your home – saving you the additional hassle and expense of retrieving items from personal storage and relatives’ garages.

Here at Warners Moving and Storage in York county, Pennsylvania, we are at your service when you need us. We can assist and advise regarding the storage of your household items during your home sale staging and be ready to complete your move at your convenience – whether across town or across the country. Why not contact us to discuss your moving options and learn about our commitment to your successful move?


moving as retireeHave you finally retired and left the daily grind behind?  Are you looking forward to kicking back, relaxing, and enjoying the golden years you’ve worked toward for so long?  Maybe you’re content aging in place, but maybe you’ve decided you need a change of location.  If you no longer need or want to maintain all the extra space in your empty nest, or if you need to reduce your expenses because you are now living on a limited income, or if you just want to finally move to the climate of your dreams, then it’s time to consider a move. The key to an easy move as a retiree:  You’ve got lots of time, so use it.  Moving has often been described as a three-act play – make a plan, do the prep and make it happen.

Act 1: Make a Plan

Think about what fits your lifestyle and how you want to spend your time. Then shop around.  Take your time to find the perfect destination/location with the right amenities for you.  Examine all the angles and make your decision. 

Then, once you decide where you’ll move to, consider when it would be best to make the move.  Typically, summer is peak season for moving since those families not yet retired are in vacation mode; so it’s more stressful to find an agreeable moving date, handle logistical details, etc. Since you are the master of your time, you can easily schedule your move in the spring or fall when demand and costs are both at their lowest.

If you’re a typical retiree, you likely have a houseful of stuff – from clothing out of style for years to boxes of toys and sports equipment leftover from the kids and long forgotten to drawers of receipts and records too old to even remember. It’s time to take a deep breath and to begin thinning out.  If you haven’t worn, used or needed an item within the past five years, it should go.  Plan to give it to friends or family, donate it, sell it or trash it.  Just don’t take it along.

When you’ve done your research and know exactly where you’ll move to, when you’ll make the move, what you’ll take along, how it will get there, and what it will cost, then your plan is all but complete.  The only thing remaining is to consider a few back-up strategies for when Murphy’s Law prevails and things don’t work quite as planned.  One last thing: Write it down.  You’ll be glad you did. 

Act 2: Do the Prep

This is the time when you’ll begin to work your plan.  If you’ll be selling your home, then begin that process by finding the right real estate agent and getting your house on the market. You’ll also be laying the groundwork for your new destination, arranging your housing, etc.  It is also time to start paring down your no-longer-needed belongings – selling, gifting, donating, trashing. It is the time to get real with your finances – liquidating, moving funds, covering moving expenses. 

Act 3: Make It Happen

As you execute your relocation plan, you’ll be tying up all the necessary loose ends.  You will need to confirm all the details you’ve arranged and sign all necessary agreements related to your home sale, moving services, your new living arrangements, etc.  You’ll need to change your address with the US Postal Service as well as all other companies, agencies, and others who need to know so that you.  Packing your belongings will take some time unless you plan to have your moving company handle that for you.

Moving Tip

Having a full-service moving and storage company on your team will make your move easy.  The moving experts are trained to help from planning through preparation and then execution of your move, handling organizing, packing, and transporting. They have the connections, and they will advise you about all those small details that might typically slip your mind.  If you are faced with a time gap between the time you’ll need to vacate the home you’re leaving and the time you can move into your new home, a full service moving and storage company can provide storage of your belongings during that gap. 

Here at Warners Moving and Storage – York County, in Red Lion, Pennsylvania, we help families move across town and across the nation every day.  We offer a full range of moving services to meet your needs.  Why not Request a Quote or Contact Us to discuss your moving plans.  We look forward to assisting you and answering all your moving and storage questions. 

Tips for packing and moving with kids from Warners Moving & Storage, York County, PAHere at Warners Moving & Storage, we're the movers with decades of experiences helping families with their move in York, PA and far beyond. So we've learned a few things about how families handle the challenges. Moving day is daunting even for the most organized and energetic, and it is often the most difficult for kids. You might not believe that it can be an experience you’ll remember fondly, but it can be. Here are some tips from seasoned parents who have made it work.

Use the Move as a Lesson in Giving

If your kids are typical, there will be toys that have not been touched for perhaps years. If you explain that these forgotten toys could bring joy to a child who doesn’t have as much and suggest donating, chances are good that the kids will agree. Then while you pack, they’ll spend their time deciding which toys to keep and which to give away. The bonus – it will also lighten the packing load.

Explore the New House and Neighborhood Before Moving Day

I’m sure it’s no secret to you that kids can become difficult when they’re uncertain about where they are going to be next. A visit to the new home before moving day reduce their anxiety; but if that’s not possible, then sharing pictures is helpful too – especially if they can see their new room and perhaps begin to plan how it will look once they have gotten settled. It’s a bonus if you can visit the new neighborhood. Point out schools, parks and other places of interest.

Enlist Their Help With Packing

Sometimes kids get anxious seeing that all their things are packed up. If you take the time to let them pack their favorite toys in their own box which you clearly mark to be found easily, it can take the worry away. They will love being included and the chore will keep them busy and maybe give you extra help.

Let Them be Creative

Find a place out of the work area and ask the kids to decorate the boxes. If you use washable crayons, there will be no mess; and they will love the chance to create their masterpieces on these “canvases”. Don’t forget to praise their work and thank them for their help!

Consider a Sitter During Packing & Moving

Accept that complete the entire move while taking care of the kids just creates unnecessary stress for everyone. Don’t shy away from taking the help offered by friends and family. Putting your children in trusted hands where they can be entertained and supervised gives you the kid-free hours you need to complete the move and prevents moving day meltdowns.

Pack Move-In Night Essentials Separately

Set aside one or more bags or boxes to hold the special items you’ll need during the first few days after you move in. From pajamas, blankets, favorite toys, snacks, toothbrushes, an extra set of clothes for each child, and whatever else you know you’ll need right away will turn the day after the move from a challenge to a pleasant memory.

Here at Warners Moving & Storage in York County, PA, we are experienced with moving households (residential moving) -- across the country, down the street or somewhere in between.  We can help take the stress out of your moving day.  Just contact us to find out how we can help or get a quote for our service.

Purge Junk Before Moving to Your New Home - Have a Moving SaleIf you have lived in your current home for more than a year, then chances are you’ve collected clutter and junk that should be discarded, sold or donated instead of being packed and moved to take up space in your new house. So take an inventory of your belongings a month or two before the time to start packing. Identify those items that would just gather dust in your new home and make plans to get rid of them.

A proven rule of thumb: If you haven’t needed an item in a year, then let it go. If you have the time before your move, consider a moving sale. This is the time of the year for garage and yard sales; and the old adage, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure” applies here. Whatever funds you raise from the moving sale can be applied to your moving expenses.

Don’t want the hassle of a garage or yard sale? Then think about using social media to offer those unwanted items to your community or contact a local charity and arrange to donate items that can be put to a good purpose. Waiting too long will likely result in these useless items being transferred to your new home where they will likely languish in the basement or attic – maybe even until your next move!

Moving Tip: Once you have purged your junk and know what you'll be taking along to your new home, it's time to engage a moving company and plan for moving day.

Here at Warners Moving & Storage in Red Lion PA, we have been serving York County Pennsylvania and moving residential households from coast to coast and all points in-between since 1943. Our experienced moving consultants can help you take the right steps leading up to moving day and advise you all along the way. We look forward to answering your questions and helping to make your move a success. Contact us at your convenience to speak to a moving consultant.

mailbox house treeImagine moving and failing to let the right people know your new address!

In that case, yours could be among the many thousands of pieces of lost mail that the US Postal Service processes every year and could complicate your life in many ways. Keep in mind that if legal notices, bills, and other important correspondence fail to arrive at your new destination, you’re likely to be still responsible for the outcome.

To prevent a problem receiving your mail at your new address, you’ll want to create a list of those who need to be notified. Begin this list as soon as you know you’ll be moving so that you’re sure to include everyone who needs to know.

US Postal Service

If you’re considering a move, you should first change your address with the US Postal Service. Handle it quickly by using the online change of address service or get a Mover’s Guide packet from your local post office. The following information should help you to receive your mail at your new address without delay.Once you have done this, the postal service will forward your mail to your new address for up to 12 months – allowing you ample time to make the changes directly with those who need to know.

Driver’s License Change

Perhaps the most important – and legally required – notification that you must handle if your move takes you to another state involves your driver’s license. Most states require that you change your license to your new location within a short timeframe – usually 30 days.

Social Security Administration

If you are enrolled in Medicare and/or receive any type of benefits from Social Security be sure to update your address with the Social Security Administration. This is also the case if you’re enrolled in Medicare.

Department of Veterans Affairs

You can either call the VA at 1-877-222-VETS (8387) where a representative can help validate and/or update your address; or visit the VA website to change your address online.

State and Federal Tax Agencies

You can use the IRS website to change your address, and refer to your state’s website for information about how to update with them. By doing this, you won’t miss any relevant correspondence that could cause you inconvenience or even interest or penalty charges.

Insurance Companies/Agencies

Don’t forget to inform any insurance companies you deal with -- including auto, renters, homeowners, life and health insurance. In fact, since you are moving, you will want to contact your insurance agent to see whether your move might necessitate policy changes, especially for home, renters and automobile insurance.

Banks / Credit Cards

Typically, banks allow you to change your address right on their website so that you can avoid visiting the bank itself. You can usually also update your address and other contact information for your credit cards from their website.

Online Subscriptions & Shopping Accounts

You’ll need to change your address for any existing subscriptions such as paid website memberships, as well as print magazines or newspapers that will be delivered to you by postal mail.

Don’t forget to update both your billing and shipping address for online shopping sites such Amazon so that your orders are properly delivered to your new address from the beginning.

Moving Tip

Once you know when you will be moving, you’ll want to schedule your move with a reputable moving company local to you as soon as possible to get the date that you need. You’ll want to be sure that the company that you choose provides full service and can provide storage in the event that your belongings must be stored after pickup and before transport to your new home.

Warners Moving & Storage in Red Lion (York County) PA, offers full-service moving  – from packing and pick-up to transport across town or across the nation. We can advise you on your many options and help you with any questions you might have. Why not Contact Us to speak to a representative today or Request a Quote for your move on our website? We look forward to helping to make your move easy.

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